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Archive: May 2014

While I was in my junior year in college, I was becoming increasingly desperate because I still didn't know what I wanted to do when I graduated, and I didn't have any relevant accounting work experience to be able to find a good job. This is when I found an amazing opportunity with Liberty Tax that I won't ever forget.
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First of all, I want to Thank you. Earlier in the school year the 3rd grade class drew pictures of the Statue of Liberty. They all were judged out of the city to be fair to all the children. On Tuesday at the Award Assembly members of LIberty Tax was there to present awards for 1st-3rd place. I never dreamed my daughter would win. She won 1st place and she was given an all paid trip.
When I began working for Liberty Tax I was pregnant and looking for a part time job that would ease the transition from working as a full-time server to a more relaxing office environment that would accommodate my growing belly! I invested a few dollars in myself to take the Rapid Tax Course because it would be an investment in a new skill that could potentially lead to employment.
I was fortunate enough to be offered an opportunity to join the Liberty Tax team as a franchisee. Boy oh boy - has my life changed in the short 9 months since then! This life changing chain of events has me on my way to financial freedom, more time with my children, and, best of all, success and flexibility to live my life how I want it lived.
As a parent and grandparent I understand the importance of reading and comprehending. I volunteer and tutor 2 first grade readers weekly during the school year with the "Taylor Reading Core". I also dress up as Lady Liberty and read the story of how we aquired her to all of the students at Head Start Program in Taylor.
One of my first clients came to the office in early January. He supports his sister and her two children. He was eligible to claim the children on his tax return. We filed the return on a Friday. Three weeks later the client came in to check on his return. This time his head and face was bandaged up and he was walking with a cane.
My name is Hamida Chandrani and this is my first year being a franchisee. I have always worked for someone until now and I have always helped them to be more successful and to get closer to achieving their dreams. My husband, Nazim Chandrani, started sweeping and mopping floors at his uncle’s gas stations with minimum pay.
I am a youth group director of a small church in Virginia Beach. I began my youth leadership with this church in September of 2013 but was hired as a youth director in January 2014. When I started leading the youth we only had 1 kid that came on Sunday nights. This was so heart breaking because there are kids that attend the church but they were not involved in the youth program.
I am the franchise owner of the Liberty Tax in Dedham, MA. My story is regarding my wavers. I have changed the lives of some very special people by giving them the opportunity to work. In turn, they have changed my life. I merely am giving them the chance they deserve, to work and be part of something. The Neponset River House is a service of Riverside Community Care, a non-profit organization
This is our 7th Annual Charity Golf Tournament. Each year we pick a local charity and try to generate money to help the community!!