Best Promotion EVER - Discounts for Dog Food!

After Cash in the Flash, we were looking for a great community promotion. We decided to give a $50 discount for donating a 20 pound or larger bag of dog or cat food for the local animal shelters and rescue leagues. It became so popular and effective that we have continued it through the end of March. To date, we have donated approximately 200 bags of pet food plus dog cookies, toys, cat litter, etc. to the Border Animal Rescue, Tombstone Animal Shelter, Huachuca City Animal Shelter, Sierra Vista Animal Shelter, and the Benson Animal shelter. We even had a spread, including pictures, in our local newspaper and a radio announcement provided by Border Animal Rescue. We highly recommend this promotion to all animal lovers!
Posted On: Tuesday, March 18, 2014
Alyce Copeland

I am a franchise owner and have been since 2003. I am also a retired school teacher and an Enrolled Agent. My husband, retired military and a CPA, and I have 2 offices in Arizona and provide tax services year round.

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